Great First Date Questions

Got a first date coming up?
Nervous about what to talk about, how to get those romantic Hollywood conversations going that will show you in your best light? Don’t be nervous about a first date – check out this list of great first date questions that will start great conversations!

Some first principles to remember about having a good date, be it first or fifth – is that the best conversations come about from being relaxed. Your date doesn’t want you to be nervous and shaky, making jokes like a robot and worrying about how you come across. (Or obviously worrying, anyway) The first thing to remember is to at least seem relaxed – although if you’re genuinely relaxed you don’t have to worry.

Being genuinely relaxed on a first date is not the easiest thing for everyone, however. Don’t dress up too much – look respectable but remember you aren’t presenting the Oscars. Don’t slouch around like you don’t care – make your date feel special like you made an effort. And of course, prepare some killer questions that will kick off the conversation on any first date and get you both comfortable and enjoy yourself!

Remember to keep it light first up – don’t get into weighty, embarrassing or too intimate discussions straight away as it will make your date nervous. Keep the topics on the more trivial side, about things we can all talk about. If you have genuine chemistry the conversation will flow and naturally, you will both open up and have great conversations! Ask about his/her favorite movies, music, TV shows – anything of the sort. You might find you have things in common!

Remember that genuine interest is very important in making your date feel special. Ask them what they do, who their best friend is or just how they like to spend a lazy Sunday. Questions like this will help to slowly peel back layers of your date’s personality to see the kind of person they are underneath.

But remember, on a first date, take it slow! If you have chemistry and make a good impression you will have plenty of chances to have long romantic conversations on the beach or the floor or in the kitchen or wherever.

Try and keep the questions light-hearted – a great first date question is “So what do you hate about dating? …so I can avoid it!”

Not only will this question give you valuable information and insight into your date’s personality but is also a great conversation starter and will show you don’t need to take everything super seriously.

That is another important point – don’t take your first date super seriously! If there is an awkward silence (there should be – it’s the first date!) don’t act like it’s the end of the world. Keep smiling, say anything – the fact that you are making an effort makes a better impression than most of the questions you will ask.

Of course, asking questions shows that you are making an effort – but if your date is making an effort too, any question will get the ball rolling. Keep it light.

Great questions to get to know your partner are these:

“What’s in your fridge?”

Now, out of nowhere, this might come across a little odd – but what is wrong with asking about the contents of another’s fridge? The inside of a fridge can tell a lot about a person.

“What do you do for a living?”

This is probably going to be one of the first questions you ask on a first date – someone’s occupation is obviously a huge part of their life. Make sure you at least appear interested in what your date does; you will thank yourself for it in the long run. Make sure to note how they feel about their job, whether they are motivated and passionate about it or just doing for money.

“Tell me one thing about yourself that would surprise me.”

This is a great conversation starter, and a great way to find out more about another person. It works especially well on a date as it leaves your date plenty of room to spill the beans about something trivial or something more intimate – either is fine, just be happy that you are finding out more about this person, and keeping those awkward first date silences at bay!

“What’s your favorite dessert?”

You might want to keep it in mind to ask this before dessert time comes around.

“Where do you go to relax?”

They may say the beach, the shops, a café, or just the couch, but this is a great first date question that will tell you something about your date and help you find out what things you have in common.

“Do you like to travel?”

People can talk forever about different places they have been. It may just be interstate or over the road to the park to your date’s favorite travel spot, but if you find other countries you have been to in common then you have hundreds of talking points to help your first date along.

Also, if you meet someone with the same travel interests as you then this can be very telling for the future. You may end up going to Paris together, on a romantic holiday like you have always wanted!

There are infinite numbers of questions for couples to ask and different ways your first date can go – but if you relax and take an interest in the person across the table, the questions will come naturally and you will have a great first date.

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