101 Questions For Couples

Are you someone who want to know the desires of your partner?

Are you looking for ways to move your relationship in the right direction?

Are you looking out for some quick questions related to couples?

Well, here you will be provided with 101 important questions for couples that will help you to know the desires of your partner, provide a way to move your relationship in a right direction.  These questions will help you maintain or enhance the spark of love with your partner.

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Are you interested in using questions for couples, if so feel free to use 101 questions meant for couples provided below? These questions will help you start the renewal process of your relationship today.

1. What do you think are your chances for a successful and happy relationship or marriage?

2. Why do you think that making the decision to get married seems more difficult today?

3. Why do you think that so many relationships and marriages fail today?

4. How do you think couples can improve their chances for relationship/marital success?

5. What are some good reasons for wanting to commit to a person and get married?

6. Why do you want to commit to/marry your partner?

7. How important do you think love is in a successful relationship/marriage?

8. How can you tell the difference between love and infatuation?

9. Do you know what infatuation is?

10. Do you believe in love at first sight?

11. Why do you want to marry your partner?

12. Do you think it’s bad to idealize a lover?

13. How selfish/unselfish do you think you are?

14. Do you think that a person can be in love with more than one person at the same time?

15. Do you think your partner has strong enough feelings for you, for your love to last?

16. Have your parents given you a good and healthy understanding of love and marriage?

17. How well do you know the physical facts about sex?

18. What do you think about sex before marriage?

19. What do you think about the current popular sex standards of today?

20. What do you think are ideal sex standards for today?

21. What do you think about pornography?

22. What would be a sound social policy regarding sex?

23. What do you think about continuing social relationships with the opposite sex after commitment or marriage?

24. How far do you think a couple can go sexually before marriage?

25. Do you think you’re old enough, and ready to marry?

26. Do you think you’re mature enough for a successful relationship/marriage?

27. Do you think you could you meet the mental, emotional and physical demands of marriage?

28. Could you, as a wife/husband support the household with reasonable efficiency?

29. Do you think you would make a good parent?

30. Do you think you would be a good long-term companion?

31. Do you think you can you earn a substantial enough living?

32. What do you think about a wife working?
What do you think about a wife/husband going on work trips without you?

33. How much savings do you think a couple should you have in the bank before they marry?

34. What adjustments do you think a wife needs to make to continue in outside employment?

35. How much of your own work will you do after marriage?

36. What plans do you think a couple should make after the children have grown, and have moved out of home?

37. After a couple marries, who should get how much, and by what plan?

38. What do you know about budgeting?

39. Have you carefully considered you and your partner’s spending preferences?

40. Can you be frugal if necessary?

41. Can you accept your partner as they are, right now?

42. Do you think your attitude towards life is appreciative or demanding?

43. On what basis do you think a person should choose their relationship/marriage partner?

44. How well do you think you and your partner know each other?

45. Do you think that opposites attract?

46. What’s most important to you in your relationship/marriage?

47. How do you think that introvert-extrovert differences affect a couple’s relationship/ marriage chances?

48. How flexible and adjustable do you think you are in a relationship/marriage?

49. Will there be a leader in the relationship or marriage?
If so, who will be the leader, and why?

50. How much do you think you can you change a person after commitment or marriage?

51. What do you think can be done about a partner who’s too domineering/submissive?

More 50 questions coming soon…

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Communication in this book does not mean just talking a few short phrases like “How was your day?” or “Can you give me a cold beer?”. It is important for people who are in relationship to realize that in order to have a healthy relationship or for a relationship to survive both the partners need to engage themselves in a regular dialog. 1000 Questions for Couples helps you to solve this problem by providing a best foundational materials for a good communication.

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